Aluminium Low Leakage Dampers

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Suitable to control the air volume in ducts in air conditioning. Ventilating and heating systems.Ensures duct system air balancing and also suitable to use in Air Handling units, where high air velocities and pressures are encountered.


Mounting in the branches of air distribution duct and mouth of the air handling units by means of bolt and nuts

Standard Consrtuction Details

Frames: 1.6mm thick high quality Extruded Aluminium frame with standard flange size of 30mm and having standard depth of 141mm
Blades:1.2mm thickness x 2 sides high quality Extruded Aluminium Aero foil blades.
Linkage Details: Nylon Bushes and rods with PVC Gears or for large size dampers. Locking Quadrants: Heavy gauge galvanized steel position indicator with locking screws or electro plated locking quadrant and position indicator with cosmic logo.
Motorized volume Control Dampers: Supplied with high quality electro plated EN.1A Square rod and motor fixing bed provisions. VCD's will be supplied with suitable torque / model actuators as per client request.
S.S Jamseals: Stainless steel jam seals (compression type)are provided in both sides of frame(inner side ) to prevent leakage and also Rubber Gaskets are provided in each and every blade to prevent leakage..


Frames and blades both are high quality extruded aluminium sections. The frame with flat frontal face to suit for flanges connections with the ducts. Frames are fixed by screws and inner blades are aerofoil type. Frames and blades are connected by means of nylon bushes and rods with gear for smooth operation, air volume adjusted by a lockable quadrant with status indicator, lockable screws indicating open or closed position. Available in manual control or motorized control operations, as well as in standard or non-standard sizes also available. For motorized operation extended spindle rod will be provides to fix the motor. Actuators available with various torque capacities to meet the larger sizes requirements.


Available in minimum from 100 x 100mm to maximum any standard or Non Standard sizes


Natural Aluminium or in powder coated.Round Volume Control Dampers