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FLOOR Grilles


Air supply or air return in under floor Air-conditioning, Ventilating and Heating systems. Suitable for any application under heavy foot or equipments traffic is experienced. Especially in computer server area and telecommunication centres.


Replacing a tile in heavy duty raised access floors or directly in an opening made in the ground


Extruded aluminium construction. Frames with flat frontal face of 30mm special reinforced aluminium and inner blades of 0°, 15°, 30°, or 45° deflections.
To withstand heavy load, Electro plated 12mm square fixed on the frames of the floor grille frame. Available in oneway, twoway, threeway or fourway types, with or without four quadrants type individually operated collar dampers,

Standard Finishes

Natural Aluminium, Anodized or Powder coated in standard RAL white colours