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Designed to use in pressurized under floor air distribution systems. Air supply is a swirling fashion. It can be used any where air is required and pressurized floor plenum is available provides a high induction discharge pattern and dynamic mixing that results in efficient velocity equalization within the occupied zone. This provides a comfortable environment for the occupants and allows the diffusers to be placed within a few feet of a seated occupant. Can be used in commercial office spaces have many areas where floor diffusers can be applied.


Directly in an opening made in raised access floors.

Parts and Accessories
1. Circular floor swirl core
2. Damper connector
3. Flow adjustment damper
4. Dust collector
5. Carpet ring

Construction :
All parts and accessories of Cosmic Make Circular Floor Swirl Diffuser are made of Aluminium Alloy Material so that it is rigid and strong. Designed to with stand a point load up to 400 Kgs after installations.
• Quick installation in any raised access floor using spring clips.
• All components are made of Aluminium including dust collector, making it ideal for all level of office traffic.
• High induction helical air pattern of the swirl diffuser creates. Ideal circulation without inlet pressure requirements.

• Allows occupant to control the air flow for individual comfort. • Air volume will be adjusted by turning the swirl core.
• Relocation to another area is simple by relocating that floor panel, removal of the floor swirl diffuser from the access floor is not required.
• Dirt/ dust collection receptacle can be easily removed for cleaning.

Sizes available

Available in 200 mm diameter.
Standard Finishes
Available in standard RAL White Color. Damper and dust collector will be Black Colour for other colors available on request.