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Noise control in air conditioning systems is in many cases just as the critical as the environmental conditioning itself. Sound is transmitted through the ducts systems by the fans and also generated by some of the duct mounting elements and accessories. Sound attenuators are designed for attenuation of fan noise in ventilation and air conditioning systems. A sound attenuator is a multi variable system, it consists of an arrangement of duct mounted absorbent splitters arranged with air flow passages between them. Attenuation is achieved by reflection, impedence and absorption type. The absorption type attenuators are dependent upon
• Attenuator Width
• Attenuator Height
• Attenuator length
• Thickness of attenuation splitter
• Distance between the splitter (or) air way gap
• Number of attenuation splitter
Sound other then the wanted signal in room acoustics, the irreducible noise level measured in the absence of any building occupants is called Back Ground Noise. For the transmission or radiation of noise from some part of the duct systems to an occupied space or passing through the fan casing is called break out noise.
1.Sound Power Level
2.Sound Pressure
3.Frequency HZ
4.Noise Criteria(NC Curves)
6.Octave Band