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Air supply or Air return in to large spaces. Suitable for use in both industrial and comfort applications like shops, schools and industrial areas in Airconditioning and ventilating systems. In contrast to the well known principle of mixed air flow to achieve the highest possible induction with the principle of displacement flow it involves extract air being taken out at high level. By regularly distributing the displacement diffusers even large halls can have economic airconditioning without draughts.


will be fixed in wall mountings and floor mounting with fixing brackets or should be connected with the ducts.


1. Displacement diffusers consists of the outer casing, top cover, base plate airconnection Spigot, air control elementand fixing brackets. Outer casing and Aircontrol element of displacement diffusers are high quality aluminium perforated sheet.
2. Top cover, base plate, spigot connections and air control element displacement diffusers generally made from high quality aluminium with or without powder coating finish. Galvanised steel construction also available on request. Fixing brackets are made from galvanized steel constructions.


The cosmic make displacement diffusers are available in the following models.
• Semi spherical displacement diffusers suitable for 180° wall mounting.
• Quarter circle model 900 & 360* suitable for corner installations.
• Round type displacement diffusers for duct suspended type and for free standing type.
• Polygon shape also available in 90°,180°and 360*models.
• Rectangular types of plenum types used in for underneath stairways is theaters and All the models can be made in to any standard or non standard sizes.

Available with powder coated in to standard RAL White colours or without powder coating.