GI Oval Duct Damper

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Suitable to control the air volume in oval ducts in air conditioning. Ventilating and heating systems. Ensures duct system air balancing.


Mounting in the branches of air distribution oval duct by means of Screws.

Construction Details

Frames: High quality galvanized steel frame as per the client's requirement depth.
Blades: High quality galvanized steel 'V grooved blades as per client requested height blades
Linkage Details: Standard 3mm thick x 20mm Electro Plated Linkages Spindles and bearings: Outer 0 14.5 mm / Inner 0 9.3mm Electro plated EN-1A bush bearings and 09.2mm x63mm long electro plated spindle rods or brass bushes as per client's requests.
Locking Quadrants: for manual operated VCD's Heavy gauge galvanized steel handle position indictor with locking screws. Motorized volume control dampers are supplied with high quality knurling electro plated shaft and motor fixing bed provisions to mount the actuator. VCD's will be supplied with suitable torque / model actuators as per client request


Galvanized Steel oval shape outer casing as per the standard oval sizes or as per the template given, 'V Grooved blades assembly. Welded outer casing and inner blades are connected to the frame by means of spindle rods and bushes. Blades connected by a suitable link and handle to operate the damper with status indicator lockable screws indicating open or closed position. Available in manual or Motorized Control Operations. Available in standard or Non- Standard sizes. For motorized operations extended spindle rod will be provided to fix the motor. Actuators are available with various torque capacities to meet the large size requirements.


Available in Any standard or Non Standard sizes